Just a Flying Feather

19 / female / mentally disordered / broken / only wants to be loved / feels lonely all the time / cannot remember when she was last happy

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Reblog if you have trichotillomania.. I know what it’s like and I wanna follow you.

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Took me ages to admit this. Took me ages to find out what I’m “suffering” from. Well yes, I AM suffering. Because I pull out my lashes and eyebrows.

For approximately 6 years now. I have beautiful thick, long and black lashes. Where girls need lash extensions, I don’t. And what do I do? I frigging pull them out! Same goes for my eyebrows..I am busy fixing them every morning for a good 15 minutes..at least. And still they are by far symmetric. I am afraid to look up things about Trichotillomania because I want all my lashes and eyebrows to grow back and not have any hanging eyelids when I get older..

Quitting is hard. But I AM trying it. Please help me on this battle. Please help me stop Trichotillomania!

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